Radiant Heating Installation on Cape Cod

Our specialist engineers have 30+ years of experience in building the most complex radiant heating solutions.

Why Radiant Heating?

More Comfortable
You cannot see radiant heating energy under normal circumstances; a special camera is needed. But you can certainly feel radiant heat; and it feels good! Radiant heat is like sunshine, or warmth from a fire; it just makes you feel more comfortable and cozy. When your floor is warm, your feet are warm too.  The air that you breathe can be a little cooler and more refreshing.

More Energy Efficient
The sensation of comfort is caused by a combination of air temperature and radiant energy that equals the body’s energy needs.  When you receive a greater amount of radiant energy, you will be equally comfortable at a lower air temperature.

It’s like being out in the sunshine. You are more comfortable at a lower air temperature.  This lower air temperature will save you money on your energy bills.

Energy experts calculate that you can easily save 25% of your heating costs with a radiant heating system. Contact our expert installation team today about adding a radiant heating system to your Lower Cape home.

Cleaner and More Healthful
Healthfulness is one of the most important benefits of radiant heating.  There are reasons why so many families have more illnesses in the winter. Radiant heating does not blow dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses and pet dander around the house all winter long. Unlike hot air systems, radiant heat will not dry out your breathing passages and leave them more vulnerable to infection. One of our customers reported that their children’s asthma medication was reduced by half when they moved into a radiantly heated home.

Simpler, More Reliable, and Less Costly to Purchase
Even with all of these benefits, you can save money when you purchase a radiant heating system. Interested in learning more?